The best country to learn English

Choosing the best country to study English depends on your needs, preferences, and budget, but we are going to help you with the choice



Aspects to consider when choosing the best country to learn English:

Cost of living

Some countries like Ireland or Malta are cheaper than others like the United Kingdom or the United States.

Quality of teaching

All native English countries offer high-quality English. Look for accredited schools with experienced teachers.

Culture and lifestyle

Each country has its unique charm. Choose one where you feel comfortable and enjoy free time while learning English.

Job opportunities

If you want to work while you study, Ireland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand offer options for international students with student visas.

Your goals

Improve your conversational English. Prepare for an exam? Acquire work experience in English? Define your goals to focus your search.

Here are the best countries to study English


A very safe, welcoming country with very kind people. The Irish are very sociable.

Cities like Dublin, Cork, Limerick, or Galway offer a rich cultural experience. Ireland offers an excellent quality of life at a relatively affordable cost, as salaries are high.


It is a multicultural country with an impressive nature. Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal immerse you in a melting pot of cultures and activities. Canada offers you security, stability, and a good educational system.

United States

A country with great cultural diversity and prestigious universities. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Boston give you a unique life experience. However, the cost of living can be high.

New Zealand

Famous for their stunning landscapes and relaxed lifestyles, cities like Auckland or Nelson offer a safe and quiet environment, ideal for studying.

United Kingdom

The country of origin of the English language, where you will be completely immersed in the culture and language. Cities like London or Edinburgh offer you a great cultural wealth and a wide educational offer. However, the cost of living can be high.


An island country with a Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches. A popular destination for students looking for a warm and welcoming environment. Malta offers you an affordable cost of living and a good quality of life.


A country with a great variety of landscapes, from paradisiacal beaches to the iconic outback. Cities like Sydney, Brisbane, or Gold Coast offer you a cosmopolitan life and a great mix of cultures. However, the cost of living in Australia can be high.

South Africa

A country with a rich history and culture. Cape Town's vibrant capital offers you a mix of African and European influences. South Africa gives you an affordable cost of living and a good quality of life.