Frequently asked questions

An agency is an intermediary between the student and the school. LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD is an agency, and our mission is to advise you free of charge. We guide you by providing you with all the necessary information and helping you to choose the most appropriate country, city, school, course and travel plans for your needs and your budget so that the trip is a complete success.

Yes. You will not pay any additional cost for our services compared to the official or final price of the school. In fact, we guarantee the best price on the market, so if you find it cheaper at another agency or directly at the school, we will refund the difference.

Studying a language abroad is the quickest and most successful approach to acquiring the language since you are immersed in its culture and traditions at all hours of the day. But a trip abroad goes much further than just improving the language and having better job opportunities.

In addition, it is an unforgettable life experience that will help you to be more self-sufficient and make your own decisions. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you challenge your weaknesses, fears and concerns.

You should initially consider what your goals are. If you want to take a specific or specialized course, it may only be available at certain schools, limiting your choice. If you opt for a more generic course, your options will be greatly expanded, and your decision will be based on price differences and your own tastes.

Some students are more comfortable in big cities because they provide a lot of social life. Still, others consider big cities more impersonal and expensive, and certain precautions must be taken when moving around.

Choosing a small city could mean finding it easier to get to know the locals, improving your immersion in the language and culture, and finding it easier and cheaper to get around the city.

If you go to a school, you will have more of a social life, and you will meet more people from other countries, if you get together with people of the same language, the immersion will not be as fast as you want.

Individual classes in the teacher's house have 100% immersion since you will be living alone in the teacher's house, who provides you with breakfast, lunch and dinner, apart from the classes, and will wash your clothes weekly. You will have less social activity since you will not interact with other students, but the linguistic immersion is total, and you learn much faster.

To choose a good school, it is important to look at the quality accreditations it has, the experience in teaching the language, and the extracurricular activities it offers.

We know the schools with which we work very well, since we have continuous and direct contact, both with the schools and the students who have passed through them in previous years. This is essential to have last-minute and first-hand information and to be able to advise you about the best choice for your needs.

With a general language course, you will enrich your vocabulary, perfect your grammar and above all you will acquire much more fluency in speaking, and you will hear quickly, so you will quickly begin to understand native speakers. The objective of the course is to improve your knowledge of the language as much as possible, starting from the level from which you start.

The official exam preparation courses are focused on a specific exam to pass it and get the official certificate.

Official exams focus on improving reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills. You will also do real exam simulations to test your knowledge before the final day of the exam. Therefore, the target of the course is to improve your mastery of the language, but also to focus on passing a certain exam.

If your stay abroad will be short, it would be better to choose a general language course, combined with individual classes or a course with only individual classes. The more individual classes you have, the higher the price, but the learning will be much faster and more efficient. Adjust the number of individual classes based on your budget. You can choose the number of weeks and the start date according to your convenience since the offer is very varied.

If you do not need to pass a specific exam, a general language course is the most recommended to improve your level.

There are also specific courses for individual student profiles, such as improving business vocabulary, special courses for teachers, for certain ages or general courses combined with sports or activities so that the focus is not just on studying.

Staying with a native family implies a greater immersion and a better price since it generally includes breakfast and dinner every day, and the host family wash your clothes once a week.

Staying in a residence or apartment gives you more independence, and you will interact with other international students, some of whom may speak the same language as you, hence staying with a family involves a greater level of immersion. Additionally, you have to take into account the cost of meals, cooking and doing your own laundry in the resident or apartment.

We have grouped the language courses into different profiles to make it easier to see the different options that we offer you and make it easier for you to navigate our website.

You can find profiles by age, language, official exams, courses combined with sports or activities, individual classes, courses for language or business teachers, among others. If you select a specific profile, you will see the courses selected only for that profile and therefore, you will be able to find them more easily.

We have included free tests in different languages in our website to know (approximately) the language level you are starting from. For us, it is also very important to know this, since this way we can advise you with clearer and better criteria, offer you one course or another, allowing you to study with students who are already at the same level as you so that you can advance more quickly and achieve your goals.

And if you have more questions, please contact us.