General conditions


A €200.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid as soon as the reservation has been confirmed. Balance payment must be made 1 month before commencing the course. In case of a late check-in, payment must be made in full, as soon as the reservation has been confirmed. The name of the student must appear on the bank transfer in order to identify the payment correctly. Accommodation details will be sent once the full amount is received.

Classes start at 9:00 a.m. A level test is mandatory on arrival. The levels are from elementary to advanced. Students under 18 years of age to provide a guarantee signed by parents. Transfer details should be sent as soon as they are available.

All bank charges are the responsibility of the student. We will send you your accommodation details and arrival information approximately two weeks before departure and are subject to receipt of full payment.


For cancellations up to 2 weeks before the start of the course, the full fees will be refunded, except the non-refundable deposit of €200.00 euros. For cancellations of 14 days or less, the deposit will be retained and the following percentages of course fees will be refunded:

  • 7 - 14 days before: 50% of the total will be refunded.
  • Less than 7 days: 30% of the total will be refunded.

Once the course has started, fees will not be refunded, regardless of the circumstances, for these cases we have Cancellation insurance.

Students cannot change groups to private classes or opt for lower intensity courses. This includes late arrival/departure or late days missed during the course. Students may not change from one course to another, except at the discretion of the Administration. Accommodation expenses are non-refundable.


The school is only closed on public holidays and 2 weeks for Christmas, the last and first weeks of the year. On public holidays no additional classes will be held in the case of participants in the standard course. For individual courses, extra classes are at the discretion of the Administration.


We can help you in the visa application if you need it. Please allow 8 weeks to process your visa application. We recommend that long-stay students apply for a Class D Visa. All fees must be paid in advance and are refundable (except for the €200.00 deposit) in the event that a visa is refused unless the Documentation presented is false. Delays in issuing visas will mean that a course is postponed until the next start date. Visa applications are available at


All participants must provide their own health and travel insurance, European Health Card or our Study Plus insurance. Participants from EU countries must obtain the TSE form from their local Social Welfare office before departure - see This only entitles you to free emergency hospital care and assistance from certain doctors. It does not cover elective or dental treatment. Anyone undergoing medical treatment must bring a medical certificate and must carry enough medication to cover their stay in Ireland.


Accommodation reservations are for 7 days either for family accommodation or residence. Additional nights in a host family are possible subject to availability and at an additional cost. Additional nights are not available in the residence and are reserved from Saturday to Saturday. The minimum stay is one week. The family price includes half board, from Monday to Friday and full board on weekends. The apartments have a fully equipped kitchen. Distance from the accommodation to the school is between 5 minutes on foot and 20 minutes by bus, depending on traffic. Accommodation is only for students who are at the school doing a course. Special requests regarding diet, pets and children must be made at the time of booking and we will endeavour to accommodate all requests, but cannot be guaranteed.

Student vacation

Right to vacation depending on the duration of the course:

  • More than 12 weeks: 1 week of vacation.
  • More than 24 weeks: 2 weeks of vacation.
  • More than 36 weeks: 3 weeks of vacation.
  • More than 48 weeks: 4 weeks of vacation.

Holiday weeks are not lost, they are added to the duration of the course and must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance. To ensure that the visa is extended to cover the holidays, it is important to include the date in the initial reservation.

LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD cannot accept responsibility for flight delays or schedule changes by other third parties beyond our control. We reserve the right to modify without prior notice the contents, dates, times or any other details of a course caused by strikes, political events, natural disasters or any other event considered by the organizers. LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD reserves the right to change any of the information contained in any course brochure or website.


Smoking illegal substances is not allowed. Respect of property to persons must be demonstrated at all times. The student is responsible for any damage or injury he/she may cause to buildings, furniture, fixtures, individuals, families, other students, agents, etc., while taking the course with LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD. If a student behaves in an improper and/or inappropriate manner that is likely to bring the school into disrepute or to cause damage to its reputation or in any other way, whether real or imagined, he/she will be asked to leave school immediately. Serious misconduct or any violation of the laws of the country will result in immediate dismissal from the school. The contract between LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD and the students will be terminated in the following cases or any of those cases, as defined by the Management / Administration at a given time:

  • Causes damage of any kind to the Institute/School, its good name, whether real or imagined, staff members, host families, other students or any other agent of the school or its good name, whether real or imagined.
  • If the student behaves in such a way as to lead to a disturbance or annoyance.
  • If the student is charged with a misdemeanour or for not following the laws of the country.

All expenses incurred at such events will be the responsibility of the student or his/her parents or guardians.

LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD shall have no liability for losses of any kind incurred by the student as a result of the breach of contract between the school and the student. It will be a matter that corresponds to the student to make arrangements for the return to her country of origin and to repair the damages suffered by LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD.

In the event of a dispute, LEARNING LANGUAGES ABROAD will endeavour to resolve issues in a fair and ethical manner. In case of legal action, you must go to court in Ireland at your own cost.