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Special offer of Free Registration Fee - 65€ discount - with the part-time English course with Atlas Dublin, Ireland


Terms and conditions to obtain the Special Coupon Discount of Free Registration Fee with Atlas Dublin in Ireland

  • For all bookings received before the specific date.
  • The course must start strictly between the indicated dates.
  • Valid on the specific part-time course in the evening in Dublin.
  • Fees must be received in full before starting, otherwise, the promotion will become invalid and full fees will apply.


SchoolAtlas Language School Dublin


Offer CodeAtlas Dublin FREE Registration
Booking01/Jan/2022 → 16/Dic/2022
Course start03/Jan/2022 → 18/Nov/2022
Min Weeks4
Max Weeks12

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#Language to learnCourseWeeksAge MinimumProfilesLevelsRelated Exams
1ENEnglish Course Part-time 4 lessons EveningEvening general English or Cambridge or IELTS preparation course part-time of 4 lessons per week in Dublin, Ireland {1337}Atlas Dublin FREE Registration4-12 17Adults 17+Cambridge CAECambridge FCECambridge IELTSEveningGeneral EnglishA2B1B2C1FCE B2CAE C1