Centre International d’Antibes CIA


Idyllic location for a recognized French school in Antibes, France


The main School ‘Le Château’, a traditional southern French provincial building in peaceful surroundings near the city centre, offers a self-service restaurant.

The school offers 22 classrooms with a maximum of 12 students per class. Additional classes are available in the Annexe School and Administrative Office ‘Le port’.

Why Centre International d'Antibes (CIA) is the best French Language School to study French in Antibes

  • CIA is a high-quality French language school with over 35 years of experience teaching French as a foreign language.
  • The school is accredited by the French Government (Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Education), by the European Eaquals organization, and on top of the main label with FLE.
  • One hundred thousand students have trusted the CIA since 1985.
  • 97% success rate in the DELF exams because of the excellent teachers and teaching methods.
  • There is a good selection of courses for adults, juniors, families and groups.


SchoolCentre International d’Antibes CIA
AddressEcole Le Château , 28 avenue du Château
Phone (emergencies)+33 4 92 90 71
Street viewGoogle Street View


Library Library
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Restaurant Restaurant
Free Wifi Free Wifi
Computer Room Computer Room
Terrace Terrace
Garden Garden


Total students capacity100
Number of classrooms22
Age minimum16
Last day for 2024 bookings with 2023 prices31/Oct
Year 2023
Holidays (school)16/Dic → 08/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 10/Apr, 01/May, 08/May, 18/May, 29/May, 14/Jul, 15/Aug, 01/Nov, 11/Nov, 25/Dic
High season period residences02/Jul → 18/Aug

Statistics on ages

Whole Year

Students per classroom maximum12
Students per classroom average8

Statistics on nationalities

Whole Year



Year 2023
Enrolment fee50 ≈ 0


Homestay accommodation in Antibes

Homestay accommodation in Antibes

Live the experience of full immersion living with a French host family in Antibes

Residence Aragon

Residence Aragon

Private student studio in Antibes at 20 minutes walk from the French language school in Antibes


#LanguageCourseWeeksLessons WeekAge MinimumProfilesLevelsRelated ExamsPrice Week from (EUR)Price Week from ()
1FRGeneral French Course 20 lessonsExcellent general French course standard 20 lessons per week in Antibes, France {941}1-50 2016Adults 16+General FrenchA1A2B1B2C1C2195≈ 0
2FRGeneral French Course 30 lessonsFor a much faster learning experience, this is the most popular general French course intensive 30 lessons per week in Antibes, France {942}1-50 3016Adults 16+General FrenchA1A2B1B2C1C2285≈ 0
3FRFrench Course for Senior 30+ students 20LExcellent general French course of 20 weekly lessons for people over 30 years old in small groups of maximum 6 students in Antibes, France {945}1-50 2030Adults 30+General FrenchGroup Max 6A1A2B1B2C1C2390≈ 0
4FRFrench Course for Senior 50+ students 20LGeneral French course of 20 lessons for people over 50 years old with activities and excursions in Antibes, France {1559}22050Adults 50+General FrenchLanguage + ActivitiesA1A2B1B2C1C2860≈ 0
5FRFrench course + Flavours & Culture 20+8LLearn French and discover French culture & cuisine. General French course 20 lessons Combined with 4 afternoons of flavours and culture in Antibes {1561}12816Adults 16+General FrenchLanguage + CultureA1A2B1B2C1C2860≈ 0
6FRFrench course + Sports & Outdoor 20+8LLearn French and stay shape with a French coach. General French course 20 lessons Combined with 4 afternoons of Sports & Outdoors in Antibes {1562}12816Adults 16+General FrenchLanguage + SportsA1A2B1B2C1C2860≈ 0
7FRFrench course + Meditation & Relaxation 20+8LLearn French and get physical well-being. General French course 20 lessons Combined with 4 afternoons of meditacion activities in Antibes {1563}12816Adults 16+General FrenchLanguage + YogaA1A2B1B2C1C2860≈ 0
8FRGeneral French Course + One to One 20+4LCombined general French course 20 lessons in a group plus 4 private One to One French classes per week in Antibes, France {943}1-50 2416Adults 16+Language + One to OneA1A2B1B2C1C2395≈ 0
9FRGeneral French Course + One to One 30+4LCombined general French course 30 lessons in a group plus 4 private One to One French classes per week in Antibes, France {944}1-50 3416Adults 16+Language + One to OneA1A2B1B2C1C2485≈ 0