Destination for total immersion, there is little tourism. Fukuoka is the largest city on Kyushu Island, the third largest in Japan


Fukuoka city, located in the southwest of Japan as part of the island of Kyushu, is one of Japan's 4 main islands.

Fukuoka is Japan’s sixth-largest city.

Fukuoka is also one of the safest cities in Japan, which is already one of the safest countries in the world.

Its moderate climate, beautiful scenery and great location have made it popular with travellers from Japan and without.

As the prefecture borders the Korean Peninsula, Fukuoka was the first place in Japan to be exposed to the Asian main continent.

In 1997, 1999 and again in 2000, Fukuoka was ranked the best city in Asia by Asia Week Magazine.

In 2006, it was chosen by Newsweek as one of the world's top 10 boomtowns and had been ranked multiple times by Monocle Magazine as one of the most livable cities in the world and the best shopping city in the world!

Fukuoka's renowned cuisine, the city has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in Japan, will make your stay in Fukuoka a pleasure.

Foreigners are still not too common a sight in Fukuoka, so you will surely enjoy plenty of attention, and people are always happy to help you, even if your language is not good.

Fukuoka is bursting with culture: its many art galleries, museums, and theatres will give you your fill of the Japanese arts, while the nightlife is the best on the island.

Why Fukuoka is the best city to live and study Japanese in Japan

  • Best Japanese Ramen.
  • Can experience old ancient Japanese culture.
  • Few foreigners mean more Japanese language immersion.
  • Friendly people.
  • International Airport in the city.
  • Linking the city between Korean Culture and Japanese Culture.
  • Middle size city with short commuting times.
  • Nice beaches.
  • One of the safest cities in the world.

Most popular sights, tourist attractions and things to do and see in Fukuoka

  • Marinoa City Fukuoka.
  • Canal City Hakata.
  • Dazaifu Tenman-gū.
  • Fukuoka Art Museum.
  • Fukuoka beach.
  • Fukuoka Castle.
  • Fukuoka City Zoo.
  • Fukuoka Tower.
  • Hakata Machiya Folk Museum.
  • Kushida-jinja Shrine.
  • Kyūshū National Museum.
  • Marine World Uminonakamichi .
  • Marizon.
  • Nanzoin Temple and the Reclining Buddha.
  • Ōhori Park.
  • Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine.
  • Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall.

Most important events and festivals in Fukuoka

  • Tamaseseri.
  • Toka Ebisu Festival.
  • Setsubun Festival.
  • Kyokusui no En.
  • Hakata Dontaku Port Festival.
  • Hakata Gion Yamakasa.
  • Nishinihon Ohori Fireworks.
  • Hojoya.
  • Asian Party.
  • Nakasu Festival.
  • The Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.


Population (hab)126,150,000
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)5

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Genki Japanese and Culture School Fukuoka

Genki Japanese and Culture School Fukuoka

The Japanese School GenkiJACS Fukuoka is located in the centre of Fukuoka, a city chosen as one of the best in Asia