Freiburg im Breisgau


​The sunniest and warmest city in Germany known for its medieval cathedral, University, excellent standard of living & advanced environmental practice


Freiburg is located in Baden-Württemberg, where Germany joins Switzerland and France.

Freiburg is a cosmopolitan city with a distinctly southern flavour.

Residents have a long-standing dedication to sustainable development, always preferring walking and cycling to move about the town centre's beautiful alleyways and lanes.

The city as a whole is modern and daring, and its position as the economic centre of a vibrant area further adds to this open-mindedness.

Certainly, because of its connection to these outstanding natural surroundings, Freiburg has become one of Europe's greenest towns and a pioneer in solar energy and ecological construction.

Freiburg is the Black Forest's capital, with magnificent alpine views and verdant farmland along the Baden wine route.

Why Freiburg is the best city to live and study German in Germany

  • An eco-friendly town with numerous bike lanes.
  • Basel and only 30 minutes from ski slopes.
  • Highly multicultural and close to Switzerland & France.
  • Ideal location for excursions to the Black Forest, Zurich,
  • Sunniest region of Germany.
  • University town with over 30000 students.

Most popular sights, tourist attractions, and things to do and see in Freiburg

  • Augustiner Museum.
  • Colombia Park.
  • Colombischlössle Archeological Museum.
  • Freiburg Concert Hall.
  • Freiburg Minster Cathedral.
  • Freiburg Theatre.
  • Freiburger Bächle.
  • Historical Merchants’ Hall.
  • Lake Park.
  • Martin’s Gate.
  • Minster Square.
  • Mundenhof animal and nature adventure park.
  • Swabian Gate.
  • Theatre Freiburg (Wallgraben).
  • University Library Freiburg.

Most important events and festivals in Freiburg

Spring / Summer

  • April: Freiburg Marathon.
  • June: Oberlindenhock – 3-day Festival.
  • July: Freiburg Weinfest.
  • July Zeltmusikfestival.
  • August: Schauinsland Classic.

Autumn / Winter

  • September: Schwarzwald Bike Marathon.
  • October: Herbstmesse – Amusement Park.
  • December: Freiburg Christmas Market.
  • January: Mundologia – Film & Travel Festival.
  • February: Fasnacht Carnival.


CityFreiburg im Breisgau
Population (hab)230,940
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)278

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ALPADIA Freiburg

ALPADIA Freiburg

School with excellence in teaching German since 1972 in the center of Freiburg