General German Course + TestDaF 20+10L


Combined general German course 20 lessons with TestDaF preparation course 10 lessons per week for four weeks in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


With this General German course of 20 lessons per week Combined with the TestDaF Preparation Course of 10 lessons a week for 4 weeks in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, you will

  • Enhance your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak more fluently.
  • Develop your writing and reading.
  • Become familiar with TestDaF exam techniques.
  • Learn how to use methods to help you finish exam tasks effectively.
  • Get tips to pass the TestDaF exam.

The student must take a specific test to know if he or she has the minimum level of language required to do this TestDaF Preparation Course in Frankfurt am Main.

An upper intermediate level B2 is required.

The class schedule may change depending on availability and season.

Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, and oral expression are the four elements of the test.

Continuous monitoring is carried out to check the student´s progress.

On the last day of the General German with TestDaF Preparation Course in Frankfurt am Main, the student receives a certificate with the general German with TestDaF course details he or she has taken at the German School in Frankfurt am Main, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of German acquired.

You will sit the exam in DID Frankfurt am Main as it is a licensed TestDaF testing centre.

An extra week of accommodation might be needed to sit the exam.

The TestDaF results will be published on the TestDaF online in 6 to 7 weeks.


CourseGeneral German Course + TestDaF 20+10L
SchoolDID Deutsch-Institute Frankfurt
CityFrankfurt am Main


ProfilesAdults 17+General GermanTestDaF
Required levelB2
Related examsTestDaf
Lessons week30
Lesson minutes45
Age minimum17
Students class maximun15
Students class average11
Schedule Monday09:00 → 12:15 + 13:00 → 14:30
Schedule Tuesday09:00 → 12:15 + 13:00 → 14:30
Schedule Wednesday09:00 → 12:15 + 13:00 → 14:30
Schedule Thursday09:00 → 12:15 + 13:00 → 14:30
Schedule Friday09:00 → 12:15 + 13:00 → 14:30
Year 2023
Holidays (school)23/Dic → 07/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 07/Apr, 10/Apr, 01/May, 18/May, 29/May, 03/Oct, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2023

Low season

Dates: 16/Jan → 10/Feb · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 14/Feb (per week)325 ≈ 0
Dates: 06/Feb → 03/Mar · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 23/Mar (per week)325 ≈ 0
Dates: 13/Mar → 06/Apr · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 11/Apr (per week)325 ≈ 0
Dates: 11/Apr → 05/May · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 11/May (per week)325 ≈ 0
Dates: 15/May → 09/Jun · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 13/Jun (per week)325 ≈ 0
Dates: 11/Sep → 06/Oct · Weeks: 4 · Exam: 11/Oct (per week)325 ≈ 0

High season

High season period courses03/Jul/2023 → 18/Aug/2023
Supplement high season (per week)35 ≈ 0