Full-time TELC Preparation Course 20+5 lessons


TELC preparation course full time 20 lessons per week + 5 online autonomous tutored lessons in Dusseldorf, Germany


With this TELC Preparation Course of 20 lessons a week plus 5 online autonomous tutored lessons in Dusseldorf, Germany, you will

  • Enhance your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak more fluently.
  • Develop your writing and reading.
  • Become familiar with TELC exam techniques.
  • Get tips to pass the TELC exam.

The student must take a specific German test to know if he or she has the minimum level of language required to do this TELC Preparation Course in Dusseldorf.

A strong intermediate level B1 is required.

The class schedule may change depending on availability and season.

Continuous monitoring is carried out to check the student´s progress.

On the last day of the TELC Preparation Course in Dusseldorf, the student receives a certificate with the TELC preparation Course details he or she has taken at the German School in Dusseldorf, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of German-acquired.

An extra week of accommodation might be needed to sit the TELC exam in Dusseldorf.


CourseFull-time TELC Preparation Course 20+5 lessons
SchoolGoAcademy! IH Dusseldorf


ProfilesAdults 16+AfternoonTELC
Required levelB1
Related examsTELC
Lessons week20
Lesson minutes45
Age minimum16
Students class maximun12
Students class average9
Schedule Monday13:00 → 17:00
Schedule Tuesday13:00 → 17:00
Schedule Wednesday13:00 → 17:00
Schedule Thursday13:00 → 17:00
Year 2024
Holidays (school)21/Dic → 05/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 29/Mar, 01/Apr, 01/May, 09/May, 20/May, 03/Oct, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2024
Available periodWhole year
Weeks minimum1
Weeks maximum12
Start day nameMonday
Weeks from 1 to 12 (per week)175 ≈ 0