A city that is world-famous for its romantic charm and one of Germany's top tourist destinations


Why Heidelberg is the best city to live and study German in Germany

  • A bicycle can be used around the whole city.
  • Heidelberg has a beautiful historical centre with an ancient castle.
  • Heidelberg is often considered the most stunning city in Germany.
  • It has a very diverse and multinational population.
  • Staying in Heidelberg is very secure.
  • The University of Heidelberg is the oldest in Germany.
  • There are a lot of activities and things to do for young people.
  • There is a lot of natural beauty in and around the city (forest).

Most popular sights, tourist attractions, and things to do and see in Heidelberg

  • Botanic Garden.
  • Carl Bosch Museum.
  • Heidelberg Castle.
  • Heidelberg Old Town (Hauptstrasse and the Altstadt).
  • Heidelberg University.
  • Heidelberg Zoo.
  • Holy Spirit Church.
  • Human Body Museum.
  • Karl Theodor Bridge.
  • Market Square (Marktplatz).
  • Museum of the Region.
  • Pharmacy Museum in the Castle.
  • Philosophers’ Trail Walk.
  • Railway to Königstuhl (The King's Seat).
  • Ruins of Michaelskloster.
  • Schloss Schwetzingen.
  • Student Jail (Studentenkarzer).
  • The Heiligenberg.
  • The Palatinate Museum (Kurpfälzisches Museum).
  • University Museum.

Most important events and festivals in Heidelberg

  • Cabaret festival.
  • Carnaval parade (Faschingsumzug).
  • Christmas Market.
  • Días de Literatura en Heidelberg (Heidelberg Literaturtage).
  • Heidelberg String Quartett Festival.
  • Illumination of the castle/fireworks (Fruhlingsmesse).
  • International Classical Music Festival (Heidelberger Frühling).
  • International Film-Festival Mannheim Heidelberg.
  • Jazz festival.
  • Open-air theatre and musicals in the castle (Schlossfestspiel).
  • Street Festival in the Old Town (Heidelberger Herbst).
  • The Autumn festival.
  • The ball of Vampires (The Ball der Vampire).
  • The Biennale of Dance.


Population (hab)158,741
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)114

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