Beautiful and romantic middle-sized German town with its old town being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Why Bamberg is the best city to live and study German in Germany

Bamberg is a classic and contemporary city with street cafés, unspoilt, well-preserved architecture, smoked beer, Franconian wine, and beautiful scenery. It is very easy to feel comfortable in Bamberg.

History: Bamberg, formerly an imperial city, is situated in northern Bavaria and is regarded as one of Germany's most charming cities.

When Heinrich II became King of Germany in 1002, he selected Bamberg as his preferred home, laying the groundwork for the city's growth, which began in the Romanesque period and culminated in the Baroque period.

UNESCO designated Bamberg as a "World Heritage" site in 1993.

Although the town suffered little damage during WWII, it still has many magnificent mediaeval architectural elements and around 3000 historical buildings.

Bamberg's cultural and active life is very diverse, owing to the city's rich past and the university's and church's impact on cultural life.

There are 13 museums, 10 galleries, and eight theatres. Additionally, it is home to the Bamberger Symphoniker, a world-renowned classical orchestra.

There are street festivals, pubs, and clubs for people who like to party at night.

Volleyball, badminton, rowing, tennis, cycling, golf, hiking, climbing, and rollerblading along the canal are just a few activities available in and around Bamberg.

A culinary delight: Numerous century-old buildings include taverns serving home-brewed beer and Franconian, as well as Bavarian cuisine.

The slogan of Bamberg's nine beer breweries and the many Franconian wines and bread varieties is "great variety and old traditions".

Discover Bamberg with us, relax in beer gardens, and sample regional specialities: Franconian wine, smoked beer (for example, 'Schlenkerla'), and a variety of sausages and bread are served along with it.

Most popular sights, tourist attractions, and things to do and see in Bamberg

  • Discover Bamberg is considered one of Germany's most romantic cities.
  • Experience street festivals, bars and clubs.
  • Listen to a concert by the Bamberger Symphoniker, a world-renowned classical orchestra.
  • Taste the beer from ten breweries in Bamberg and over 100 in the surrounding area.
  • Visit 13 museums, ten galleries, and eight theatres.
  • Visit the cathedral and Bamberg's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Most important events and festivals in Bamberg

  • Bamberger Kurzfilmtage in January: Short film festival.
  • Sandkerwa in August: Folk festival.
  • Blues and a Jazz festival in August.
  • Bamberg Zaubert in July: a festival for magicians and artists.
  • Sandkerwa beer festival in August.
  • Christmas Markets in December.


Population (hab)76,674
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)262

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Treffpunkt Language Institute

Treffpunkt Language Institute

German language school in Bamberg since 1995 and occupies two floors of a modern building in the city center's pedestrian area of Bamberg, Germany