English Development + Creative Teaching 15+6L


Combined general English course 15 lessons with ​Creative Teaching & Culture Course for Teachers of 6 lessons per week in Broadstairs, England


With this English Development Course of 15 lessons per week Combined with the Creative Teaching and Culture Course of 6 lessons per week in Broadstairs, England, you will

  • Enhance your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak more fluently.
  • Develop your writing and reading.

With regards to the English Development Course for Teachers in Broadstairs, the course is intended to help you enhance your fluency and command of English in novel ways.

We cover areas such as advanced language practice, including idiomatic range, appropriacy and accuracy of expression, current usage, collocation, style and register, metaphorical and imaginative use of language, grammatical review, vocabulary expansion, development of oral fluency, and pronunciation with emphasis on the features of connected speech.

We attempt to use the Language Development portion of the course as much as possible to showcase more inventive methods of presenting and practicing the language. These are approaches that the teachers may be able to use when they return to their own nations.

With regards to the Creative Teaching Training Course in Broadstairs, what does being a creative teacher consist of?

We will examine innovative approaches to dealing with texts, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and creative domains, including theatre, dance, poetry, music, and storytelling.

This hands-on session emphasizes learning via fun and creativity.

It is recommended for participants to try out concepts and modify them to fit the requirements and preferences of their own students.

Although many of the concepts and resources discussed may be modified for elementary usage, teachers of secondary and adult students will find particular value in them.

With regards to the Culture Teaching Training Course in Broadstairs, update your knowledge of modern Britain, including its language and customs, popular culture, literature, news figures, politics, royalty, education, humor, and housing.

You will be working with concepts and resources (questionnaires, DVD/video, cartoons, and current stories from the media and the internet) that you may modify for use in the classroom during this course.

On the last day of the General English course with the Creative Teaching and Culture course in Broadstairs, the student receives a certificate in general English with the CLIL course he or she has taken in Broadstairs, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of English acquired.


CourseEnglish Development + Creative Teaching 15+6L
SchoolHilderstone College


ProfilesAdults 18+Teacher Training
Required levelB2
Lessons week21
Lesson minutes60
Age minimum18
Students class maximun14
Students class average8
Schedule Monday09:00 → 10:30 + 11:00 → 12:30
Schedule Tuesday09:00 → 10:30 + 11:00 → 12:30 + 13:45 → 16:00
Schedule Wednesday09:00 → 10:30 + 11:00 → 12:30 + 13:45 → 16:00
Schedule Thursday09:00 → 10:30 + 11:00 → 12:30 + 13:45 → 16:00
Schedule Friday09:00 → 10:30 + 11:00 → 12:30
Year 2024
Holidays (school)23/Dic → 05/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 29/Mar, 01/Apr, 06/May, 27/May, 26/Aug, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2024
Dates: 08/Jan → 19/Jan · Weeks: 2 (total)700£ ≈ 0
Dates: 01/Jul → 12/Jul · Weeks: 2 (total)700£ ≈ 0
Dates: 15/Jul → 26/Jul · Weeks: 2 (total)700£ ≈ 0