English Course for Senior 50+ students


General English course 20 lessons for all ages combined with activities and excursions for 50+ students in Victoria, British Columbia


With this General English Course of 20 lessons for all ages combined with activities and excursions for 50+ students in Victoria, British Columbia, you will

  • Enhance your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak more fluently.
  • Develop your writing and reading.

The Gold Program for over the 50s is an exciting English course for all ages combined with Cultural Activities and Excursions, developed specifically for senior students over 50 years old in Victoria, BC.

It is a custom-made program that combines a pleasant and relaxed linguistic practice while you discover Victoria, BC.

The program is flexible and aims to meet the needs and interests of 50+ students.

The program for 50+ students includes the following activities

  • 2-weekday activities. Total 4 over two week period.
  • 1 Saturday activity (second Saturday after arrival).

These and many other great activities could be waiting for you

  • Visiting the beautiful, world-famous Rocky Mountains.
  • Spending time on the pristine waters of Canada exploring our incredible sea life.
  • Touring the breathtaking National Historic Site, Butchart Gardens.
  • Getting to know more about the unique indigenous people of western Canada.

On the last day of the General English Course & activities for Senior 50+ students in Victoria BC, the student receives a certificate with the General English Course he or she has taken in Victoria BC, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of English acquired.


CourseEnglish Course for Senior 50+ students
SchoolGlobal Village Victoria


ProfilesAdults 50+General EnglishLanguage + Activities
Required levelA2
Lessons week20
Lesson minutes50
Age minimum50
Students class maximun16
Students class average12
Schedule Monday08:45 → 10:25 + 10:40 → 12:20
Schedule Tuesday08:45 → 10:25 + 10:40 → 12:20
Schedule Wednesday08:45 → 10:25 + 10:40 → 12:20
Schedule Thursday08:45 → 10:25 + 10:40 → 12:20
Schedule Friday08:45 → 10:25 + 10:40 → 12:20
Year 2023
Holidays (school)23/Dic → 25 → 12
Holidays (country)02/Jan, 07/Apr, 10/Apr, 22/May, 01/Jul, 04/Sep, 30/Sep, 09/Oct, 11/Nov, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2023
Dates: 10/Jul → 21/Jul · Weeks: 2 (total)2,035$ ≈ 0
Dates: 14/Aug → 25/Aug · Weeks: 2 (total)2,035$ ≈ 0