General German Course + One to One 25+10L


Combined general German course 25 lessons per week in a group plus 10 private One to One German classes plus 5 cultural lessons in Vienna, Austria


With this General German Course of 25 lessons in a group Combined with Private German Classes of 10 lessons a week in Vienna, Ireland, you will

  • Enhance your grammar.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak more fluently.
  • Develop your writing and reading.

This is 20 lessons of General German course plus 10 lessons of One-to-One private classes plus 5 lessons of cultural/special interest program per week, e.g. Vienna guided tours, talks and videos about Austrian music, art, history, literature and architecture, Viennese Waltz course, parties, and sports.

You can begin the course any Monday. However, German courses for beginners A1 in Vienna have specific commencement dates.

The class schedule (morning or afternoon) will be confirmed on your first day in school.

Regarding the Group General German classes in Vienna, the student must take a level test on the first day in the German language school in Vienna to know the exact level he or she has before being placed in a class with classmates of the same level. This test ensures the student is studying at the appropriate level and has a correct progression.

Regarding the Private One-to-One classes in Vienna, the student must fill out the Needs and Analysis form to tailor the classes to suit his or her needs. Depending on the student´s aims, we will choose the German teacher in Vienna who is most qualified to have some time to prepare the materials before the student arrives.

The class schedule may change depending on availability and season.

Continuous monitoring is carried out to check the student´s progress.

On the last day of the General German Course with Private Lessons in Vienna, the student receives a certificate with the combined General German Course with the One-to-One class he or she has taken in Vienna, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of German acquired.


CourseGeneral German Course + One to One 25+10L
SchoolActiLingua Academy


ProfilesAdults 16+Language + One to One
Required levelA1
Lessons week35
Lesson minutes45
Age minimum16
Students class maximun12/1
Students class average9/1
Schedule Monday09:00 → 12:15 + 12:30 → 14:00 / 14:15 → 17:30 + 17:45 → 19:15
Schedule Tuesday09:00 → 12:15 + 12:30 → 14:00 / 14:15 → 17:30 + 17:45 → 19:15
Schedule Wednesday09:00 → 12:15 + 12:30 → 14:00 / 14:15 → 17:30 + 17:45 → 19:15
Schedule Thursday09:00 → 12:15 + 12:30 → 14:00 / 14:15 → 17:30 + 17:45 → 19:15
Schedule Friday09:00 → 12:15 + 12:30 → 14:00 / 14:15 → 17:30 + 17:45 → 19:15
Year 2024
Holidays (school)21/Dic → 05/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 06/Jan, 01/Apr, 01/May, 09/May, 20/May, 30/May, 15/Aug, 26/Oct, 01/Nov, 08/Dic, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2024
Available periodWhole year
Weeks minimum1
Weeks maximum50
Start day nameMonday
Weeks from 1 to 1 (per week)806 ≈ 0
Weeks from 2 to 2 (per week)745 ≈ 0
Weeks from 3 to 3 (per week)725 ≈ 0
Weeks from 4 to 4 (per week)715 ≈ 0
Extra week685 ≈ 0