How to apply for a PPS Number

How and where to apply for the PPSN in Ireland. How to get the PPS Number in Ireland



What is the PPSN or PPS Number

The PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) is the social security number of the Republic of Ireland. It is a personal and unique number.

The PPS Number has seven numbers followed by one or two letters.

It is mandatory to have a PPSN number to work in Ireland (you can start working without it while you are waiting for it) and to be able to carry out public procedures such as employment issues, social protection, tax agency, and national health service, among others.

The PPS number will be displayed on all your tax, payroll or social-related documents.

It is not compulsory to have the PPS Number before starting work.

How to get a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number

The PPS number can only be requested if you are living in Ireland. You cannot apply if you live in another country, so you must wait until you arrive in Ireland to apply for it.

All PPSN applications for those over 18 are applied for online.

To request the PPS number online, you must create a new account at (you only need to fill in your name, mail, and password).

Once you have your new MyGov account, go to and click “Apply Now” to request your PPS Number online. You must follow a few simple steps and provide all the documents*.

*You must have all the documents scanned before requesting the PPSN

After requesting the PPSN online, they will contact you directly if they need any other documents; otherwise, they will send you an appointment to present yourself personally at INTREO with the original documents and your mobile to confirm it with an SMS, and they will take a photo.

You will then receive the PPSN by mail at the postal address you provided.

You should receive the PPSN at home within two to three weeks.

Documents you need to apply for a PPS Number

To obtain the PPS number, you need the following documents

  • Identity proof.
  • The reason why you need a PPS Number (the supporting document).
  • Proof of address.

Documents to prove your identity

  • Passport.
  • National ID.
  • Driving license.
  • Birth certificate.

Reasons why you need to request a PPS Number

  • To work, you have to present the employment contract with the company’s details.
  • To apply for a welfare payment, for example, when you export unemployment to Ireland.
  • To access medical services.
  • To request or exchange a driver’s license from another country.
  • To access other public services.
  • To enrol in a public school or university course.

Proof of address for the PPS number

To show evidence of your mailing address to obtain the PPS Number, you need to show a document from a public service or government agency of no more than 3 months showing your full name and postal address.

Documents to prove your address for the PPS number

  • Household utility bill (Electricity, TV, Internet…).
  • A letter or document from an official government agency.
  • Bank statement on paper with bank letterhead with your full name and postal address.
  • Rental contract.
  • Work contract.
  • Address confirmation letter from a third party, such as a hotel or hostel administrator or manager, school principal, or property owner*.

*If staying with a friend or family member, an original house bill plus a note from the bill holder confirming that they live at the address on the bill is acceptable. This note can be written on the invoice itself by hand.

Can you work without a PPS Number?

It is not mandatory to have the PPSN to start working, so first, you look for a job, and with the employment contract (reason), you request the PPS Number.

How long does it take to receive your PPSN?

If all the documentation presented is correct, it usually takes between 2 or 3 weeks from the day you requested it.

You will receive a letter from Social Welfare with your PPS number at the postal address provided.