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  • Studying the Russian language course in Riga gives you the unique opportunity to know the culture and traditions of Latvia, to live with a Latvian family, to have a total immersion in the language and to be able to learn Russian better and faster.
  • Learning Russian in Riga is the best way to fully immerse in Latvia's language, culture and history.
  • If you are looking for a Russian school in Latvia,
  • we have a Russian school in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
  • Latvia gained recognised independence from the Russian Empire in 1991 and is a sovereign country and a member of the European Union with full rights. Latvia is the Parliamentary Republic with 2.1 million inhabitants. The capital of Latvia is Riga, with 700 thousand inhabitants. Riga is Latvia's most extensive educational, commercial, cultural, financial and political centre.
  • Latvians give the impression that it is rough people, although, in reality, they are very welcoming people. Latvians always try to help with your language; if you see that you try to speak Russian, they take pains to understand you and help you.
  • The Latvians are very kind and hospitable people.

The climate in Latvia

  • January and February are the coldest months of the year, with average minimum temperatures of -5º, although the maximums of the minimums can reach -20 or -25º.
  • The autumn is rainy and foggy.
  • The summer in Riga is mild and rainy, with average temperatures of 17º in July. The hottest days of July can reach 30º.
  • It is essential to wear winter clothes and shoes.

How health works in Latvia

  • Medical and hospital care in Latvia is good, but due to a lack of resources, its quality and benefits may not be the same as in Spain. The provision of health services in Latvia is not free; you have to pay to use your health, even if you have a European Health Card.
  • It is recommended to drink bottled water in Latvia.

You need a visa to enter Latvia

  • Citizens of the European Union do not need to apply for a visa and may remain in the country during the validity of the identification document, passport or ID card.

What vaccines are necessary for Latvia

  • Mandatory: There are no compulsory vaccines in Latvia.
  • Recommended: Hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria. Tuberculosis, especially for children and adults, stays longer than 3 months.

How safe is Latvia

  • Security in Riga is similar to other European cities. The incidents usually occur mainly at night, in bars, clubs and places of alternate.


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