Learn Italian in Rome, the museum-city with 280 fountains and 900 churches with masterpieces of Raphael, Michelangelo and Caravaggio


All roads lead to Rome, the “Eternal City,” with its ancient history, from the Colosseum to the port of Ostia Antica to the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.

It is an enchanting city, ideal to discover walking and strolling through it, stopping to sip a coffee, enjoying a delicious slice of pizza “a taglio” or an aperitif in one of the many street cafes while “taking in the Roman life and lifestyle.”

However, it is also easy to use Public transport (bus, Underground or tram) to move around the city.

Rome has “many faces,” Each part of the city has its particular charm. From “Monti” with its many small streets, the “Ghetto” with the Synagogue and Jewish culinary specialities, The “Quartiere Coppedé” with fantastic architecture, and “Testaccio” famous for the Roman dishes.

Rome is an antique, modern city with vibrant streets and amazing nightlife.

The mild climate all year round invites you to enjoy life.

Why Rome is the best city to live and study Italian in Italy

Rome is a unique city, an open-air museum and it is very special, not only considering its history.

A lovely climate all year round invites us to enjoy life outside, even in autumn/ winter, walking through the Roman streets…discovering the city, enjoying a cappuccino or an aperitif on one of the many beautiful squares in Rome, like Piazza Navona, the Pantheon or the Spanish steps.

Rome is a very green city with many parks (the biggest one is Villa Borghese), and Romans, as well as tourists, stroll along, do some jogging or use their bikes.

In the evening, one can admire amazing Roman sunsets from the many panoramic terraces Rome offers from its seven hills, having a different, but always romantic, view each time. An unforgettable one is from Capitol Hill over the Foro Romano.

Only a few kilometres from the city, the Roman countryside, the beaches of the coast and the hills of the "Castelli Romani" district contribute to making Rome the ideal place for a study stay.

The strategic Rome location, "in the middle of the boot", makes it easy to reach many other interesting cities within a short time by train, like 1.5 hours to Florence or Naples, 3 hours to Milano, so perfect even for a one-day visit.

Romans are friendly and welcoming, making a living in Rome easy.

Nightlife is exciting with many bars, restaurants, theatres, the "Auditorium" and "Terme di Caracalla" for musical events, and open-air cinemas in summer.

Rome is a city of a thousand possibilities, where one can live unforgettable experiences, collect wonderful memories, breathe history, enjoy the many amazing dishes of Italian cuisine and last but not least, feel the beauty of a city that is a "masterpiece".

Most popular sights, tourist attractions, and things to do and see in Rome

  • Pantheon.
  • Piazza Navona.
  • The Coliseum.
  • The Ghetto with the Tiber Island.
  • The Roman Forum.
  • The Spanish steps.
  • The Trevi fountain.
  • The Vatican Museums with the “Capella Sistina”.
  • Villa Borghese.

Things to do in Rome

  • Don't miss “Porta Prothese”, the Roman flee market early on Sunday.
  • Enjoy the paintings of Caravaggio.
  • Enjoy the view of St. Peters from the gate of the “Ordini Dei Cavalieri di Malta” on the Aventine hill.
  • Visit “Monti” with artisan shops, second-hand shops, bars etc.
  • Visit the market of Campo Dei Fiori and enjoy a cappuccino or an ice cream.
  • Visit the Basilica of San Clemente.
  • Visit the Museum of “Villa Borghese”.
  • Visit the Protestant cemetery.
  • Window shopping in Via Condotti.

Most important events and festivals in Rome

  • Befana at Piazza Navona.
  • Carnival Festival Rome.
  • Festival for the Rest of Us.
  • Ides of March.
  • Natale di Roma (Rome’s Birthday).
  • Republic Day.
  • Film Fest Rome.
  • Run Rome The Marathon.
  • Summer Festival Lungo il Tevere.
  • Wine Festival VinòForum.


Population (hab)2,860,009
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)21


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Dilit International House

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