Demi-pair Work & Study English 20 lessons


Free half/full board accommodation with an Austrlalian family in exchange for helping with childcare in Gold Coast, Australia


Working holiday or Student Visa are required.

The minimum length of the course is 12 weeks.

The minimum age of the demi-pair is 18 years old.

The demi-pair programme in Gold Coast is available to females and males.

The minimum level of English to do the Demi-pair is A2.

English classes are usually in the morning and the working time is in the afternoon and evening.

With the Demi-pair program, pay only for the English classes, 20 lessons per week, and get free accommodation, with half board during the week and full board at the weekends, in exchange for the care of the host family’s children in Gold Coast, Australia, you will

  • Enhance your English grammar.
  • Increase your English vocabulary.
  • Improve your English pronunciation.
  • Learn to speak English more fluently.
  • Develop your English writing and reading.
  • Enjoy your cultural exchange with the Demi-Pair programme.

You can begin the English course with Demi-pair on any Monday.

On the first day of the General English Course with Demi Pair in Gold Coast, the student must take a level test to know the exact level he or she has before being placed in a class with classmates of the same level. This ensures the student is studying at the appropriate level and has a correct progression.

Each skill (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) has a different class at Langports Gold Coast.

Students always study at the correct level “of each skill”, so you might be at a specific level for your listening level but at a different level (higher or lower) in your reading, speaking, or writing classes.

Continuous monitoring is carried out to check the student´s progress.

On the last day of the General English Course with Demi-pair in Gold Coast, the student receives a certificate with the General English Course he or she has taken in Gold Coast, the number of lessons, duration, and the final level of English acquired.

Details about the Demi-Pair programme in Gold Coast

  • The tasks of the Demi-pair in Gold Coast are very rewarding and consist of taking care of children (50% of the time) and light tasks around the house (50% of the time) for around 20 hours a week (maximum 4 hours a day) in exchange for having Free accommodation (single room) and Free food.
  • Two full days free per week at the weekend or during the week.
  • At least a Sunday per month will be free.
  • Demi pairs will have their own bedroom.
  • The main reason for Demi-Pair is Cultural Exchange.
  • You will be treated like one member of the family.
  • A Demi-pair course is a great option for anyone who likes children.
  • It is not necessary to have experience.
  • The reservation must be made at least 8 weeks in advance.

Common duties your host family may ask you to do in Gold Coast

  • Helping children out with their homework.
  • Looking after the children.
  • Picking the children up from school.
  • Playing with children in English or in your native language.
  • Putting children to bed and reading stories.
  • Taking children for evening activities.
  • Taking the children to the park.
  • Light work tasks around the house, such as making breakfast/dinner and leaving everything tidy and clean.

Documentation needed for the Demi-Pair programme in Gold Coast

  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • Recent photo.
  • Recent medical certificate.
  • Criminal record.
  • Certified sexual offences.
  • Copy of the latest qualifications (first aid, childcare, languages, sports, etc.).
  • A selection of 5-6 photos with your native family, friends, and, if possible, with previously cared-for children.
  • Cover letter, written by you and addressed to the host family.
  • A reference letter written by a former teacher, manager, or a family where you babysat.

The cover letter and the reference letter must be written in English.


CourseDemi-pair Work & Study English 20 lessons
SchoolLangports Gold Coast
CityGold Coast


ProfilesAdults 18+Demi-PairGeneral English
Required levelA2
Lessons week20
Lesson minutes60
Age minimum18
Students class maximun18
Students class average14
Schedule Monday08:30 → 13:00
Schedule Tuesday08:30 → 13:00
Schedule Wednesday08:30 → 13:00
Schedule Thursday08:30 → 13:00
Schedule Friday08:30 → 13:00
Year 2024
Holidays (school)21/Dic → 03/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 26/Jan, 29/Mar, 01/Apr, 25/Apr, 25/Dic, 26/Dic


Year 2024
Available periodWhole year
Weeks minimum1
Weeks maximum50
Start day nameMonday
Weeks from 1 to 4 (per week)480$ ≈ 0
Weeks from 5 to 12 (per week)465$ ≈ 0
Weeks from 13 to 50 (per week)450$ ≈ 0
Internship programme fee1,100$ ≈ 0