Buenos Aires


​It is a vibrant city to live and study Spanish with world-class Spanish schools, affordable cost of living, nightlife & friendly and welcoming people


Why Buenos Aires is the best city to live and study Spanish in Argentina

  • It is the capital and most cosmopolitan city in Argentina.
  • Buenos Aires is a very affordable cost-of-living city. It is especially important for students who may be on a budget.
  • The city has a rich culture and history. Buenos Aires is known for its tango, food, and vibrant nightlife.
  • The people of Buenos Aires are known for being friendly and welcoming. It makes it easy for students to feel at home.
  • High-quality Spanish education: Buenos Aires is home to some of the best Spanish language schools.
  • Immersive learning environment: Buenos Aires is a Spanish-speaking city, so the language will always surround students.
  • Vibrant culture and nightlife: Buenos Aires is a vibrant city with a lot to offer students in terms of culture and nightlife, with many museums, theaters, restaurants, and bars to choose from.

Most popular sights, tourist attractions, and things to do and see in Buenos Aires

  • Bosques de Palermo: A large park with lakes, gardens, and a zoo.
  • El Ateneo Grand Splendid: A former theater converted into a beautiful bookstore.
  • La Bombonera: The home stadium of the Boca Juniors football club.
  • MALBA: A museum of Latin American art.
  • Palermo: A large and diverse neighborhood home to parks, gardens, museums, restaurants, and bars.
  • Plaza de Mayo: The central square of Buenos Aires, surrounded by iconic buildings such as the Casa Rosada (the presidential palace), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Cabildo (the former town hall).
  • Puerto Madero: A modern waterfront district with skyscrapers, luxury hotels, and restaurants.
  • Recoleta Cemetery: A beautiful and historic cemetery, the final resting place of many famous Argentines, including Eva Perón.
  • San Telmo: A historic neighborhood with cobblestone streets, tango halls, and antique markets.
  • Teatro Colón: One of the world’s leading opera houses, known for its stunning architecture and acoustics.

Most important events and festivals in Buenos Aires

  • January: Folk Music Festival.
  • February/March: Carnival and Buenos Aires Tango Festival.
  • April: International Independent Film Festival.
  • May: Day of the Virgin of Luján.
  • June: Contemporary Art Festival ArteBA.
  • July: Rural Exposition.
  • August: National Snow Festival and Tango World Festival.
  • September: National Ski Festival.
  • October: Oktoberfest and International Jazz Festival.
  • November: Gay Pride, Argentine Polo Open, and The Buenos Aires Marathon.
  • December: Festival of Chamamé.


CityBuenos Aires
Population (hab)3,120,612
Altitude (m.a.s.l.)25

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Expanish Buenos Aires

Expanish Buenos Aires

High-quality Spanish language school in the amazing neighbourhood of Palermo with great variety of Spanish courses, cultural & social activities