Full-time Cambridge OET Course 28 lessons


Cambridge OET Occupational English Test preparation course full-time 28 lessons per week in Wimbledon, London, England


The OET (Occupational English Test) is an English language test for healthcare professionals.

Are you a qualified doctor or nurse wanting to work in an English-speaking country?

Do you need 350 or above (Grade B) in the OET exam?

Do you have a good level of English but need some expert help to pass your test?

We have the best OET Preparation Course for you!

OET Preparation Course for Doctors and Nurses of 28 lessons for a week in Wimbledon, London

  • A one-week intensive OET preparation course with 28 lessons of tuition.
  • Courses run in the week before each OET exam. This means you can take a course from Monday-Friday, and then sit your exam on Saturday or Sunday.
  • OET preparation course focuses on all four areas of the OET exam, with valuable techniques and advice.
  • Detailed feedback on your writing and speaking from experienced exam teachers.
  • Dynamic and interactive lessons.

An Upper-intermediate level [B2] is required. This is equivalent to IELTS 6.5 or OET 300 / C+.

The IELTS 6.0 or OET 250-290 / C may be accepted at the school's discretion.

Continuous monitoring is carried out to check the student's progress.

On the last day of the OET Preparation Course in Wimbledon, London, the student receives a certificate with the Cambridge preparation OET Course details he or she has taken at the English School in Wimbledon, London, the number of lessons, and duration.

The following are some examples of study areas

  • Advising Patients.
  • Analysing Real Case Scenarios.
  • Difficult Patients.
  • Making & Discussing a Diagnosis.
  • Medical Histories
  • Medication - Benefits and Side Effects.
  • Patient Examination.
  • Surgical Procedures.
  • Types of Treatment.
  • Using Specialised Terminology.

Parts of the OET preparation course

  • The Reading test for OET consists of three parts with 42 questions, and you have 60 minutes to complete all three parts.
  • The OET writing test for OET consists of one writing task and lasts for 40 minutes to write your letter and 5 minutes to read it.
  • The OET listening test for OET has three parts and a total of 42 questions. You will hear each recording once. The test takes 45 minutes in total.
  • In the OET speaking test for OET, the candidate takes part in two five-minute role plays.


CourseFull-time Cambridge OET Course 28 lessons
SchoolWimbledon School of English


ProfilesAdults 20+Cambridge OET
Required levelB2
Lessons week28
Lesson minutes45
Age minimum20
Students class maximun14
Students class average10
Schedule Monday09:15 → 12:55 + 13:55 → 15:45
Schedule Tuesday09:15 → 12:55 + 13:55 → 15:45
Schedule Wednesday09:15 → 12:55 + 13:55 → 15:45
Schedule Thursday09:15 → 12:55 + 13:55 → 15:45
Schedule Friday09:15 → 12:55
Year 2022
Holidays (school)17/Dic → 02/Jan
Holidays (country)01/Jan, 03/Jan, 15/Apr, 18/Apr, 02/May, 02/Jun, 03/Jun, 29/Aug, 25/Dic, 26/Dic, 27/Dic


Year 2022
Dates: 31/Jan → 04/Feb · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 28/Feb → 04/Mar · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 04/Apr → 08/Apr · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 09/May → 13/May · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 06/Jun → 10/Jun · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 04/Jul → 08/Jul · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 01/Aug → 05/Aug · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 05/Sep → 09/Sep · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 03/Oct → 07/Oct · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0
Dates: 31/Oct → 04/Nov · Weeks: 1 (per week)430£ ≈ 0